Smarter. Not Harder.

Across multiple technologies,

our passion is enabling people to

work smarter, not harder.

A CPA, an Engineer and a Restaurateur

walk into an office...

Well, if you were hoping

for a humorous ending...


But it's a true story.

And continues to unfold

to this day.

Kevin McCreary (the CPA) founded SMART Group in 2010.

Stuart Gulotta (the Engineer) and Sam Hernandez (the Restaurateur)

joined as quickly as they could.

Jana McCreary took some convincing.


When we walk into an office, it's because we are passionate about using our talents to make peoples' lives better.


Creating software excites us. It's how we flex our innovation muscles. But the ultimate rush is in serving our clients.


There is no better feeling than knowing that our team has transformed an inefficient, repetitive process with a custom software solution that saves our client time and money.

It's like being a professional athlete.

It doesn't feel like work.

We are doing what we love.

We are doing what we were born to do.
We created an app for a Vice President at a company in Houston. That one app reduced a 40-hour manual work process to 10 seconds.

Think he was happy?

We want to be a blessing

to our clients and employees.

Our faith drives us.

And as best we can,

we weave it into the fabric

of this company.

If SMART Group didn't exist,

we'd still be creating software.

It's in our DNA.

SMART Group is located at

11200 Broadway

Suite 2743