Custom Business Applications

SMART Group are business people with a love for creating software. Business people create the best business applications.

The ERP Gap

Every ERP implementation leaves gaps. These gaps are business processes that often remain manual, inefficient and highly prone to error.

Business Applications That Bridge The Gap

SMART Group are experts at creating custom software solutions that bridge the ERP Gap. Over 90% of the business applications we have written have been Gap-Bridging apps.

Business Applications that Increase Revenue and Decrease Cost

We take a consultative approach to bridging the ERP Gap. Our decades of business experience coupled with our software development expertise tells us that software can do much more than automate the manual steps in a process. We look for opportunities where a new business application can drive real economic value by increasing revenue and/or decreasing cost.

For Example….

Just a few of our custom solutions include:

  • Invoicing and Cash Receipts integrated with PeopleSoft
  • Production Scheduling integrated with MAS
  • IRS §41 Research and Experimentation Tax Credit
  • Account Reconciliation using Fuzzy Logic and integrated with JD Edwards
  • Case Management for County Attorney’s Office of top 5 USA city
  • Ignite – SaaS Compliance Software
  • Facial Recognition Time Clock