Leadership Team


I am absolutely blessed to have had the opportunity to start SMART Group. As a CPA, most of my career was spent in public accounting and industry. With my family, I have lived, worked and traveled all over the world. I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything. But wherever I found myself, I was personally creating software solutions to make my business processes run better, faster and cheaper. I use to say to myself (and others) that if I ever pursued technology as a career path, it would have to be at a company I created. I guess that was a bit prophetic!


I’ve been developing software solutions for clients for almost 3 decades. I’m still doing it because I love it so much. My clients are in a variety of industries (Oil & Gas, Health Care, Government, Manufacturing), but what I’ve found common to all of my clients is a desire to have their process deficiencies solved. I’m excellent at listening, and thankfully very skilled at providing a solution.


Organizing is definitely my passion!  I love to take a mess and put things in order in a way that makes sense, looks nice, and functions beautifully.  It’s just who I am, and that’s why I’m excited to be part of the SMART Group team.  Our team takes an inefficient, repetitive process and creates a custom software solution that saves our client time and money.  It amazes me to see what can be accomplished in the hands of the right coders!


Learning about people and their work is what I love! Having been a former recruiter, I’m able to use the skills I learned in that profession to enhance the experience of our SMART Group clients. I love networking and talking to people, which is what makes my job as VP of Business Development so great!

Listening to people’s needs and connecting them to the right solution is my strength. My favorite thing is when I can help a client solve a problem that helps then work smarter, not harder.