Mobile Applications

SMART Group’s collective geek nerves tingle like crazy when we are able to pour our expertise into creating a mobile application. The mobile platform provides an opportunity for individuals and organizations alike to create and realize a new and exciting vision.

Closet Geeks Come Forth

The best ideas for commercial mobile applications seem to come from those that can’t write a single line of code. SMART Group takes those ideas, builds upon them and then creates a stunning application. From your idea to the app marketplace, our approach includes you every step of the way. This helps ensure that we capture your vision.

Internal Medicine

While commercial mobile applications seem to get all the good press these days, apps internal to an organization provide incredible value.  These animals allow an organization to:

  • Connect with their customers
  • Integrate with and extend ERP functionality
  • Capture transactions where they occur
  • Provide dashboards and key performance measures

SMART Group’s decades of business experience help you maximize your vision of how mobile technology can be integrated to your organization.

For Example…

Our mobile solutions include:

  • Facial Recognition Time Clock on iPad
  • Construction Job Costing on iPad
  • Mobile Coupons on iPhone and Android
  • Cardio Patient Scheduling on iPhone
  • Mobile Food Takeout Ordering on iPhone and Android