Microsoft Office Solutions

We consider Microsoft Office one of the most powerful platforms available for creating custom software solutions. Virtually every desktop computer within an organization has some elements of the Office Suite on it.

Canned Goods

Our innovative solutions enhance the ‘canned’ functionality you’re already familiar with (e.g., spreadsheets, documents, email, presentations, etc.) and allow the Office suite to perform the non value-added tasks you currently perform manually. And this happens in a fraction of the time. Cycle time reductions of 40 hours to 10 seconds and 20 days to four hours are common.

For example…

A small sample of our MS Office-based solutions includes:

  • Automatic email processor integrating Outlook and Access for a large law firm
  • Revenue recognition application in Access and SQL Server for a publicly-traded software company
  • Physician compensation system integrating Access, Excel and SQL Server for a hospital system
  • NOL forecasting system integrating Access and Excel for a publicly-traded communications company
  • FIN48 system integrating Excel and SharePoint for a publicly-traded transportation company
  • SOX controls, testing, and reporting for multi-national organizations

A Common Thread

A common thread you see in the above is the very technical subject matters. With decades of process experience, our cross-functional leadership team can quickly diagnose process issues and identify where technology can address them. And in most cases, an Office Automation solution requires no effort from a client’s IT department.