SMART Group Products

Every once in a while, SMART Group will be engaged to create a custom solution that has benefit far past a single client. In such instances, we bring those solutions to market as full-fledged SMART Group products.

CR2 – Contracts and Revenue Recognition Software


CR2 – Contracts & Revenue Recognition is purpose built to help companies navigate the challenges of adopting the new revenue recognition standards. Every step of the Five Step Revenue Recognition Model can be made easier with CR2. And CR2 was born in the cloud. So as you adopt the new standard, CR2 is immediately available to anyone in your organization, all over the world.



Ignite Internal Controls is a new breed of compliance software that goes far beyond spreadsheet or SharePoint-based attempts to manage regulatory regimes such as Sarbanes-Oxley. As a SaaS application born in the cloud, Ignite is a soup-to-nuts fully integrated product that will truly bring measurable efficiencies, significantly reduce human errors and deliver instant visibility to all aspects of the compliance process. Just a few of Ignite’s features are:

  • Control Structure Subscriptioning ™
  • Fully Integrated Control Testing Module
  • Virtual Testing Templates ™
  • Infinitely Scalable
  • Lightning Fast Navigation
  • Unmatched Change Control
  • Unlimited Workflow Templates
  • Tracks Findings from Initiation to Close
  • Hotlink Markdown ™
  • Water Tight Security
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Automated Microsoft Excel Uploads and Downloads

SMART NOL Forecaster


Affectionately known as NOLA (net operating loss app) the SMART NOL Forecaster handles all of the heavy lifting of projecting future usage of State NOL carryforwards and calculating the necessary valuation allowance. Perfect for companies with multiple acquisitions, just some of the features include:

  • Model each state’s carryforward rules
  • Create special rules for states such as usage caps and extensions
  • Separate Company versus Unitary
  • SRLY designation
  • Identify if pre apportioned
  • Set 382 Limitations where applicable
  • Run unlimited forecast scenarios and vary forecasted income and apportionment percentages in each
  • Unlimited Forecast Units and Taxable Units
  • Automatic export of usage forecast to Excel
  • Adjust to return module