SMART Group is a custom software services company. But does that mean that any custom software services company brings the same value proposition that SMART Group has? In short, no. The types of projects that we take on are a reflection of what drives us as a team and as individuals. SMART Group is a collection of highly talented people with a passion for creating value through the use of technology.

Humble Beginnings

Our start was humble enough. A client (a Fortune 500 company) needed a desktop application to ‘fix’ a 40-hour highly manual process. The process was riddled with errors and could only be performed quarterly due to how much time was consumed. The subject matter was highly technical. Our principals coded a solution that reduced the 40 hour process to less than 10 seconds. That one solution led to another 20+ projects for the client.


A passion began to stir in us. We love using technology to create things. Perhaps we could take our passion and help organizations work smarter, not harder. After all, at just one company, we were able to drastically improve processes with more than 20 software solutions.

The Path

We continue to build upon the successes of that first company. We have created software solutions currently in use all over the planet. And through it all we have maintained our focus…. smarter, not harder.


Our approach to taking on projects is to help ensure that there is a business case for any software we develop. A lot of ideas are presented to us by our clients. We like that. But even more, we like to help our clients ensure that the cost of the custom software is more than offset by gains in process performance, cost reduction or increases in revenue.


We are platform-agnostic. We let the needs of the client and the project dictate the development platform. We love to create Microsoft Office Automation solutions. Often times, a quick-hit departmental solution is more appropriate than a web-based application.

The Future

Our future is to stay on our current path… helping each client work smarter, not harder. ┬áIf we continue to do that, we’ve hit the mark.